Sniper Swap Trading Robot

Trading robot for pancakeswap and binance smart chain BSC, buy a coin at the very start at the lowest price and get a 1000% return on investment

Fresh projects may receive high-quality investors at the very beginning of the project without significant funding for advertising since our bots will be the first to buy a coin. All the funds received should be invested in your product, not in a pump and forced dam, as is now happening with most systems

The anti-dump system will not allow other investors and project participants to bring down the coin manually. As well as will protect investors from fraud on the part of the project participant.

Thanks to the anti-scam system, the fraudulent developer will not be able to withdraw funds from the liquidity pool unnoticed; all funds will be withdrawn by our bots if there are signs of fraud

The FREEMOON economic system will balance the entire swap market and fresh projects, exclude scammers, and discourage people from dumping coins.

The FREEMOON team sincerely hopes to return reliable and long-term investors to cryptocurrencies, to give the coin popularity and reliability for new investors who have decided to try themselves in cryptocurrencies.

The robot monitors 6 exchanges and gives you the best price. You don’t pay exchange tax, only us 0.25% per transaction and blockchain gas per transaction.

Sniper trading swap robot

Tracks all swaps on BEP20 (BakerrySwap, PancakeSwap, ApySwap, BiSwap, MDEXSwap, WaultSwap)

Possibility of purchase

Automatically (in manual mode)

The ability to set a profit, after which 100-10 000% of a coin is to be sold

Critical dump, in which 1-50% of a coin is to be sold

Automatic scam protection by the developer

When the developer takes the liquidity pool, the bot will automatically sell all the coins ahead of the developer

Possibility of purchase

Automatic swap

The setting of regular trading (after profit). The value of the coin when buying/selling

Put for example 10% and as soon as the profit, taking into account the commission and the slip, is equal to 10%, the bot sells.

To set the minimum percentage balance

% of the total coin issue

Anti-dump system

If someone sells a lot of coins (makes a dump), the bot sees it and sells exactly the same amount of coins but faster due to the maximum gas commission

1 bot can only work on one computer

To the BSC blockchain

For the bot to work, a balance in coins on the wallet, from which the bot performs control, is required

Trading Arbitration

The robot provide the best buy/sell price among 7 exchanges

The freemoon team guarantees that it does not have access to your data, passwords and does not monitor your wallet in any way. You manage it yourself free upgrade and expansion of functionality

From each transaction 0.25% is charged in BNB. 0.05% swap is made to redeem FREEMOON BEP-20 for BNB and purchased FREEMOON coins are burned every day

For the robot to work, you must have FREEMOON BEP-20 coins in your wallet in the amount of coins. You can sell them at any time

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