Deflationary token with automatic distribution to the liquidity pool and growing capitalization of the Freemoon ecosystem


Smart contract automatically distributes funds between the participants of the FREEMOON ecosystem. Evaluation of our coin will only grow over time


A deflationary token with automatic distribution of profits and coin burning. The growth of the coin is constantly stimulated while the amount of available tokens is constantly shrinkingThe growth is additionally stimulated by a range of innovations from Freemoon team. 

 Coin swap will be automatically performed from each transaction. 

100% Coin SWAP

The founders of the ecosystem gave all the money for the swap. All participants are equal

50% BURN

1% from each transaction buy back and burned.
51.6% Burn Now

No big wallets

Each transaction buy/sell is limited to 1 trillion coins.

Limited edition

1000 trillion coin. Not mine, not rebase. 484 Trillion coin Total/Max Supply

LP 2%

The liquidity pool is frozen for 4 years.
+2% From each transaction

1% Holders

From each transaction 1% is distributed among the holders

1% Marketing

From each transaction, 1% is distributed to the marketing of the project

1% Develepment

From each transaction, 1% is distributed to the development of the project


For the use of Sniper Swap Robot, Multi-Chart and swap exchange (DEX), a transaction tax will be charged. 20% of this tax is automatically used to redeem the coin (SWAP) and send it to the burning wallet. All processes are controlled by a smart contract and everybody can see how transparent they are. After the launch of our developments, it will give guaranteed growth to the part, and a rechargeable burn wallet that will reduce the supply in circulation.

Swap Robot

Trading Sniper Bot for trading on DEX exchanges. Buy a coin at the start and get 100x

Multi Chart

Swap on one multi-platform among many blockchains and DEX exchanges

Multi DEX (SWAP)

Multi swap, exchange, staking, on all blockchains from one platform

Сrypto exchange

Buy, sell crypto coins for fiat and trade with our robots

Smart contract

We created a smart contract


Binance Smart Chain BEP-20

Freemoon              BURN 51,6%

Baby Doge Coin    BURN 47.4%

Shiba INU                BURN 41%



2% Liquidity pool

1% Distribution Holders

1% Marketing

1% Development

Max trx Freemoon

Automatical Burn every transaction +51.6%


Ever Grow

from FREEMOON products automatically goes to redeem the coin and send it to the burning wallet

For the use of our products and innovations, a tax of 0.25% (BNB) is added with each swap

0.05% (BNB)

 from each swap is also automatically transferred to perform buy-backs of FREEMOON BEP-20 coin. These coins are then sent to the burning” wallet.

All transactions presented in the diagram are controlled by a smart contract and are performed automatically with each swap.

With each new development of our programs, the popularity of the coin will increase, and its circulating supply will constantly decrease. There is now a circulating supply of 484 trillion coins. And they started with 1000 trillion coins

Road Map

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Phase 1


White paper 1.0







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Phase 2